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OUR Programs


Youths are a top priority. SFLC currently has three programs that support youths:
Youths ages 4-12 receive STEM 2x a week and take field trips. Youths enjoy STEM at our state-licensed facility where, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, as provide safe harbor and quality supervision for all participants. They also have the opportunity too participate in our accelerated reading program which aids and enhance students reading skills. Participating youths receive a nutritious meal, assistance with homework, Internet access, academic tutoring, computer training, and varied forms of age-appropriate recreational activities: board games, puzzles, movies, arts/crafts, sing-a-longs, computer games, etc.

The goals of the After-school Childcare Program are:

Provide a safe and nurturing after-school environment.
Improve the academic performance of participants.
We reinforce learning by conferring with parents and teachers, assisting with homework, and tutoring if needed. Each year we expect all students will pass to the next grade level. So far, we have not been disappointed. 

The goal of the Youth Enrichment Program is to provide character education that will enable youths to flourish socially, emotionally and spiritually. On Wednesday evenings, youths are grouped by age to receive information relevant to their lives and expressing their feelings, sharing their experiences and discussing their concerns. At times, community resource personnel lead discussions on drugs, gangs, sex, death, etc. Frequently volunteers conduct training classes (first aid, conflict resolution, table etiquette, applying for a job, etc.) In small, non-threatening age groups, youth are encouraged to openly interact with their peers and supervising adults.

More than than decade years, approximately 50 –75 children, ages 4 – 12 have attended our eight-week, summer day camp, Monday – Friday, from 7:00am to 6:00pm. One meal and two snacks are served daily. Each week, campers go on one all-day field trip and several half-day field trips. Daylong trips are to places such as the zoo, Magic House, Science Center etc. On half-day outings, campers go bowling, swimming, skating, to the movies or to the library. When campers remain on-site, they enjoy presentations by guests, practice for the end-of-camp awards program, participate in community service projects or engage in structured recreational activities (indoor/out door games, arts/crafts, sports, sing-a-longs etc.)

The goals of the Summer Day Camp are to:

Provide a safe and nurturing environment for youth during the summer months.
We help participants learn and develop needed social and life skills Campers learn how to swim, skate and bowl. They make new friends, learn new games, build self-esteem, develop sportsmanship and much more. On the last day of camp, noteworthy achievements are celebrated.

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Seniors are another major focus. SFLC provides seniors with specialized information and experiences geared to their needs, interests and abilities.

Each Wednesday, from 9:00am – 2:00pm approximately 35 seniors meet at the center to participate in a variety of activities. They play Bingo, participate in computer classes, share a nutritious meal, enjoy the camaraderie of peers, and plan other activities that interest them.

Once a month, the Mt. Sinai Church Bus is used to take seniors on a field trip of their choosing. Seniors have traveled as far as Sikeston, Missouri to shop at the outlet mall and dine at Lamberts Café (renown for tossing rolls.) They have lunched in Grafton, Illinois at The Fin Inn (noted for its aquarium backdrop). They attend Cardinal games at Busch Stadium whenever the Center can obtain free passes, and they regularly attend discounted matinee productions at The Black Repertory Theater.

Informational seminars are held quarterly to connect seniors with assistance needed to keep them healthy, independent and secure. Community resource personnel explain services, answer questions and address concerns. Topics such as nutrition, energy assistance, property tax relief, Medicare Part D, Economic Stimulus Payments, health/safety etc. have sparked lively discussions.

The goal of our Seniors Program is to support seniors, physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Since attendance is voluntary, the consistently high attendance at most activities suggests that seniors find the activities beneficial.

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The SFLC responds to the pulse of the community by offering whatever services are needed, whenever they are needed, to whoever needs them.

Some services are onetime offerings to address a particular need or concern. For example, mini courses on home budgeting and credit repair were conducted cooperatively with U. S. Bank, and the free health screenings for men were coordinated with Southern Illinois Regional Wellness Clinic.

Other services are regular features of the Center because they benefit everyone and are always needed.


These include:

"Sinai Fest." An outdoor festival is held annually to stimulate neighborhood awareness, promote positive interaction among residents and facilitate community solidarity.


Activities include presentations by local and state officials, exhibits, sports, games, music, food, prizes and the recognition of residents for achievements.


Approximately 500 residents usually participate.

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